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Most of us have stuck ourselves around a life that gets limited to work and house only – summoning up too much stress to bear. Keeping in mind all the work and no clay, we have taken an art initiative for 60wo6rkshops which would sooth you from wearing out.

We render our hospitality based on your convenience at your designated place, including corporate offices, NGO’s and institutions. This extraordinary workshop will bring about a tremendous change in you. Breaking the traditional and corporate training program we provide you with creative skills with the right guidance. Activities are done by dividing into multiple groups or individually, with a motivating speaker to council you, highlighting the activity with fun games and teaching you a new form of art.


Imagination and innate creativity can be harnessed into an expression of solution- to lead a stress free victorious live.


This small artistically inclined group will articulate your thoughts and ideas creatively.


We bestow our hospitality to NGO’s to showcase varied art forms.

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